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Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully the FAQ's below will answer any questions about our services, however if you have any more questions don't hesitate to contact us.

What is confidential material?

All personnel files and health records, social security and PAYE records, together with company accounts and VAT records. In addition, banking information and credit card details are highly sensitive. Finally, commercially sensitive material such as customer information, sales enquiries, company reports and internal planning documents. All of these need to be disposed of securely to protect against identity theft, to safeguard against industrial espionage and to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Does the Data Protection Act apply to my company?

The Data Protection Act 1998 applies to all personal information. This is information about living, identified or identifiable individuals and includes information such as names and addresses, bank details and opinions expressed about an individual. If you are holding or processing personal information covered by the Data Protection Act 1998 you must comply with the data protection principles. To learn more, follow the link to the Business Link information on Data Protection and your business

Do I have to sort everything out for ALLShred?

Our specialist adviser will call and help you work out the simplest and most convenient way of sorting and storing your confidential material securely, and will help train your staff so that secure data storage can be carried out with the minimum of inconvenience. When we come to dispose of your confidential material, we will do so at a time of your convenience and will carry out the work on site, cutting down on any interruption to your business and ensuring that your data remain secure at all times.

I need to clear out my archive files. What do I need to do?

document shreddingALLShred just expect you to segregate the material for disposal from the records you will retain. If the material is stored in archive boxes then collect the boxes for disposal together.

If the material is in filing cabinets, we can supply heavy duty polypropylene sacks that will hold up to 20 kgs of papers that are easy to use when weeding files from cabinets selectively.
You do not need to move them to the door to your office, that is part of the job that ALLShred perform to save you work.

Do I need to remove staples and paperclips ?

No. You have better things to do and they go through our heavy-duty shredder without any problem.

Do I need to empty lever arch files?

No. Our industrial shredder can reduce a full lever arch files to fragments in seconds.

We keep a lot of records inside plastic sleeves? Does this matter?

We prefer that customers minimise the amount of plastic that is included with the paper when we make a shredding visit. The reason is that the plastic contaminates the paper when it goes for recycling. It is helpful if you can remove the plastic sleeves and folders which you can reuse.

We want to arrange regular visits from ALLShred. How can we store the material between visits?

document shreddingALLShred will visit you and review your office layout and the main areas where confidential material is generated and the likely volumes. From this visit and discussion we will prepare our recommendations for a secure storage method that will fit your work pattern and office environment. ALLShred can provide a variety of secure cabinets from small underdesk units to stylish wood finish cabinets and up to lockable wheelie bins with a posting slot. We will tailor a solution that is cost effective for your organisation.

There are strict parking restrictions near our office and limited access. Can ALLShred still help us?

Most probably yes. Especially for purge collections, we like to visit to assess the access to your building and the most suitable location to park our truck so that it causes the least possible inconvenience to anybody. Quite often we will suggest that the onsite shredding visit is made out of normal office hours so that we avoid restrictions or shoppers on narrow pavements. Occasionally it means we have to park the truck some distance from your office.

Parts of our organisation are based outside ALLShred’s operating area. Can you service other parts of the UK?

Yes. ALLShred works with selected companies that are also members of NAID Europe to provide effective coverage of most parts of the UK.

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