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An Unannounced Shredding Audit

Posted on: Thursday, March 29, 2012

Last week we arrived at a new customer, a firm of chartered accountants, in Bracknell and started to load material for shredding into our wheelie bins. When we moved the wheelie bins to the nearby shredding truck, there was a smartly dressed man with a clipboard standing by the truck - a NAID auditor had arrived to carry out an unannounced audit of our shredding service.

The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) is the international trade association for shredding companies. For over 20 years it has built a high reputation for ethics and standards for members. When I formed Allshred in 2005, we joined NAID and we used the NAID guidelines of good practice when we developed our policies and procedures.

In 2008, Allshred was the first English secure shredding company to apply for NAID AAA Certification. As part of this, a rigorous audit was carried out by an independent security specialist who checks all aspects of personnel, operations and administration. Allshred passed the initial audit and became NAID AAA Certified for mobile shredding operations in November 2008.

Since 2007, NAID has conducted a regime of unannounced audits of all NAID AAA certified companies in addition to the annual scheduled audit. This was done to consolidate the reputation of NAID AAA Certification and continuing compliance to the strict criteria set down.

Allshred has been subject to four unannounced audits in just over 3 years and have been 100% compliant on each occasion. Our customer, the chartered accountant, talked to the auditor and came away impressed at the steps taken to monitor compliance. He said ‘There are lessons here for other regulators and compliance authorities’.

The value of the audit for Allshred is to encourage us to maintain the highest standards and give confidence to our customers. For potential customers, independent assessment to strict criteria provides confidence that Allshred is a trustworthy supplier and that all data is being securely shredded.

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