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Secure Destruction of Police and Criminal Evidence Tapes

Posted on: Monday, March 19, 2012

Recently Allshred received a request to quote from Oxford City Council for the secure destruction of 1200 audio tapes that had been used to record material in criminal investigations. These are referred to as PACE tapes. As well as the information held on the magnetic tape, there is personal information on both the cassette and the carry-box. All this information must be destroyed securely so that it cannot be retrieved.

The quotation process required in-depth statements of our process for secure destruction of magnetic media and the method for disposal of the shredded fragments. Details of financial standing, environmental standards and liability insurance were also supplied as part of a thorough evaluation of potential suppliers by the City Council.

Allshred was selected to carry out the work and the date for the secure shredding visit to Oxford city centre arranged for the following Monday. The fast response was essential to ensure that the tapes were destroyed before a major office move occurred.

The Allshred mobile shredding truck reversed into one of the narrow streets in the heart of Oxford at the agreed time and the twelve boxes of PACE tapes were loaded onto the truck and weighed. Under the watchful eyes of staff from the City Council the boxes were emptied into the hopper of the shredder and within ten minutes, everything was reduced to fragments stored in the secure section of the truck. The Council staff then countersigned the Certificate of Destruction. Her subsequent e-mail comment was ‘It was a very quick and efficient procedure’.

For Allshred, the job was only part finished. At the Dix Pit Waste and Recycling centre at Stanton Harcourt, the securely shredded fragments were unloaded into a skip that would be buried in the landfill section the next day. This completed the job for Allshred.

Audio tapes, video tapes, floppy discs and CDs can all hold large quantities of personal and confidential data. They are made of a variety of plastics and it is not possible to recycle the shredded fragments so they have to go to landfill.

Many of our customers have small quantities of magnetic and optical media that require secure destruction. We will collect them when we make a document shredding visit and store them securely until the truck is empty of paper. Then we can securely shred them and collect the fragments for burial.

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