Document Shredding

Document shredding, regular contract office shredding services.

This is for organisations that generate or receive a steady flow of documents containing personal and confidential information. Many of these items will have only a limited retention period before they can go for secure disposal.

As well as their obligations under the Data Protection Act, many businesses are subject to the requirements of regulatory bodies ie the FSA or hold approval to ISO 9001that require a formal system for the secure destruction of documents.

on-site shreddingALLShred will visit you to discuss your requirements and assess the volumes of material generated in the different parts of your operations and the layout of your offices. From this review we can recommend the most suitable type and number of secure storage cabinets to hold your material between shredding visits and the planned visit frequency.

Most offices prefer to have the smart wood finish secure cabinets that have a posting slot at the top of the front face. This leaves the top surface of the cabinet free to carry a printer, scanner, filing trays etc. The cabinets are available in either a medium or light wood finish to blend in with modern office furniture.

For high volume locations eg post room or warehouse we can supply secure lockable wheelie bins that have a posting slot in the lid. These can hold up to 100 kilos of papers. They remain smart and clean for a long time provided they are kept inside.

onsite document shreddingSome customers who have several small offices over a large site prefer to use heavy-duty polypropylene sacks with a security tie fitted when the sack is full. This is a cost-effective solution in certain situations.

When we have agreed our proposed service with you, ALLShred prepare a simple Service Agreement and Contract letter that is signed by both parties. As well as confirming the service provided and our mutual obligations, the agreement meets the requirement of the Data Protection Act and ‘best practice’ for a contract with a sub-contract data processor.

The visit frequency can be fixed at anything from one to twelve week intervals with additional visits if required to deal with the annual archive clearance. Each customer receives an annual calendar of planned visit dates.   

 Some customers with more variable volumes prefer to request a visit when their cabinets are almost full. In all cases ALLShred make every effort to provide a flexible service that is tailored closely to the needs of the customer.

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