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A leading medical specialist died and the confidential case papers and court notes from his many years as an expert witness were stored in his office at home. The volume of papers was such that they occupied a large section of the garage as well as his study.

ALLShred was asked to carry out the secure shredding of the material that was stored in a variety of files, folders and boxes. The total weight of material shredded was 707 kgs and the whole job took less than one hour.

“I was delighted by the speed of service offered by ALLShred and I am relieved that all that confidential information has been destroyed and that the fragments will be recycled.” Mrs R

A specialist recruitment agency had decided to update its system for holding candidate information from paper to digital media. This would release 28 filing cabinet drawers that could be emptied of CVs and job specifications.

ALLShred arranged to do a collection using a secure wheelie bin to hold the discarded papers, leaving the hanging pockets in the filing cabinets. All the cabinets were emptied and the documents shredded in 50 minutes, a total weight of 521 kgs.

“We were impressed by the quiet and efficient way that ALLShred worked to clear the cabinets. We know we have preserved the confidentiality of the personal information of our candidates and as a bonus we have made the equivalent of 8 trees available for recycling.” Mrs T  

A company that publish a series of puzzle magazines to a large database of subscribers receive several thousand prize entries each week. Each entry form contains personal information of the subscriber. The company wanted a solution to maintain the security of their customers and also a way to recycle the entry forms and the envelopes.

ALLShred recommended a local company to make weekly collections of sacks of the envelopes for normal paper recycling. ALLShred supplied a 240 litre wheelie bin into which the entry forms are placed after the winners have been selected. The wheelie bin hold up to 100kgs of entry forms and ALLShred visit every two weeks to shred the contents.

ALLShred understood our needs and recommended a cost effective solution for our two different waste streams. We are delighted that we have found a company that is flexible and their collections have been very efficient”. Mr L

A physiotherapist asked ALLShred to destroy business records for a relative’s business. The ability of the ALLShred machinery to destroy complete full lever arch files meant that no work was required as preparation for the collection. The shredding job was completed very quickly and she was relieved that all the financial details were shredded and recycled.

On the strength of the first shredding job she called in ALLShred again when she was preparing to return to Australia. This time she required the confidential shredding services of ALLShred to dispose of personal papers that could be used to perpetrate identity fraud. The collection and secure shredding took less than 10 minutes to complete.

“I now feel happy that I can return to Australia and I have left no material behind that could be used by criminals to clone my identity. This is very important when you are going to the other side of the world. The ALLShred service has been superb and given me peace of mind”. Claire Mullins

The owner of a company installing security equipment for companies and private individuals planned to retire and allow family members to continue to run the business. He had a substantial volume of paper records about customers, access and alarm codes and installation details that had built up over many years in business. The next generation kept the information on computer so the paper records were redundant.

ALLShred arranged the collection when he had been able to check that all the records had been gathered together. In five minutes all the personal and security information had been fragmented.

“It is a big responsibility holding all this information about the installations we have completed. I am now very happy that we can retire secure that we have done the right thing by our customers so that criminals cannot access our information. ALLShred were very helpful and the service excellent. We will recommend them to some of our customers who have garages packed with old information”. Mrs W. 

A school inspector who carries out Ofsted inspections was concerned that he had several boxes of documents from the past few years' work that contained personal information about teachers and children. He recognised his obligations under the Data Protection Act not to keep personal information longer than necessary, to keep it secure and to ensure secure disposal.

He contacted ALLShred who were able to help even though the quantity was only modest – about 50 kilos. An appointment was made for him to bring the boxes to the ALLShred truck where it was shredded within two minutes.

‘This service is so quick and secure. When I think of the hours I have spent in the past with my home shredder, this is excellent value for money. I shall be back twice a year to keep on top of the archive’. Mr J E

A firm of Financial Advisers with ten staff used a medium size office shredder to destroy the regular flow of excess and obsolete documents. The task of operating the shredder fell to the receptionist/administrator. She dreaded the task every week when the plastic boxes of material were collected. She would have to remove staples from bundles of more than ten sheets. Most weeks she cut her fingers on the heavy weight glossy paper. The bags of shredded strip filled a store area prior to collection by the trade waste contractor.

One of the directors met Ian MacKay at a networking event and realised there was a solution to the problem of the in-house shredder. He decided that a Contract service with a visit every four weeks to shred the documents that are collected in sacks was the most cost-effective solution.

‘I am so pleased we have switched to ALLShred. I have more time to do my real job, I no longer have sore hands and the office is easier to keep tidy. The service has been excellent’. Mrs BS

A long established firm of solicitors had decided that they will switch to electronic document storage. They had several thousand old client files that needed to be scanned as part of the conversion process. They decided to hire a scanner unit for three months to complete the task. How could they get rid of the files that had been scanned and how could this be done without clogging up the offices?

They had used ALLShred a few months earlier to shred many boxes of obsolete files from the archive. ALLShred suggested that a half-hour shredding visit every four weeks would shred the scanned files and prevent the storage area getting too full.

‘ALLShred provided us with a flexible service so that we could call on them when we needed. They saved us the trouble of moving the heavy boxes of files from the scanning area. Very efficient’. Mrs AC    

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